Anshei Darom Region of the FJMC

Quality Club Award

The FJMC Quality Club Award is given each year to member clubs who meet established criteria.  The Award was developed to encourage clubs to offer specific types of activities at the local, regional, and international level.  The criteria may also be used as a blueprint for a club to follow in planning its yearly programming. The award, an engraved, 15 year, perpetual plaque, is presented in even numbered years at a regional event and in odd numbered years at the FJMC international convention. 

Award Criteria

To qualify for the award, your club must satisfy all six (6) of the required elements, along with at least ten (10) of twenty (20) optional elements (including at least one from each category).  Please note that being current with your membership lists and dues payments are essential requirements to achieve the award.  Please see the Quality Club Award Criteria page for further details.