Anshei Darom Region of the FJMC

FJMC “Wellness Club” Initiative

Our Men’s Clubs continue to search for unique programs and initiatives that provide vital support to the men in our communities. At the same time, these programs give the Club more visibility and offer new options for engagement. FJMC is pleased to invite your club to become a WELLNESS CLUB!

We are all concerned about men’s health and during the coming months, FJMC will offer many different and exciting ways to support the health and well-being of your membership. Wellness Clubs will receive timely tips about meaningful and
successful programs from around the continent, as well as opportunities to “toot their own horn” about the good initiatives that you have developed.

Members of WELLNESS CLUBS will also have access to a new app customized just for FJMC that will include tips for wellness and healthy eating as well as resources to track various health parameters. Your members will also have the opportunity to participate in an exciting fitness challenge coming in the spring-only for members of WELLNESS CLUBS.  See the Wellness page of the FJMC website for more information.

IS YOUR CLUB A WELLNESS CLUB? Sign up for free by sending an email to wellness@fjmc.org and we’ll get all of the details to you right away.

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